Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Exploring the Island's picturesque landscape

 ‘Look deep into nature, and the you will understand everything better.’
Albert Einstein
In the latest addition of the ‘101 things to do...’ we will be exploring the Island’s majestic natural scenery and its nature walks. Weather your are a seasoned walker, wish to relax with an afternoon stroll, or want to take stunning photographs to add to your holiday album, the Island’s picturesque natural landscape has many wonders in store for you.

This 310 acre Island was fashioned by nature. While the Island is now renowned for being a picturesque and enchanting haven, the Island’s earliest occupants were attracted by the shelter and security it provided from enemy attach. The Island’s first occupancy came in the form of a monastic settlement. Not only did the Island seemingly provide a safe- haven for them, the Island was abundant with natural food preserves.  Throughout the centuries on the Island, like the rest of Ireland, foraging became was every day common practice, just like going to the supermarket today.  People took advantage of their natural resources but in a sustainable way in order to ensure future cultivation. Wild fruits, nuts, herbs, flowers mushrooms, seaweed and shellfish were amongst the shopping list for the Island’s earliest inhabitants. 

While the centuries have past, foraging is still a prevalent practice amongst the Castle’s chefs; who adhere to an ethos of sourcing seasonal and the freshest locally produced ingredients. The delicious ingredients our kitchen team forage on the Island include Wilde Sage, Wild Garlic, Horse Flower, Elderberries  and a wide variety of forest mushrooms. These ingredients help to add distinctive flavours to dishes; contributing to an unforgettable dining experience. The Island’s abundant natural food resources are aided by the fact the Island does not have busy roads, so the produce is not subjected to exhaust fumes. Additionally, the land is never chemically sprayed, making it ideal for foraging. As a result, the Island has become renowned for the wide spectrum of beautiful flora and fana.

The Island has a number of specially laid out walk ways which allow our guests to discover the natural beauty and wonders that resort has to offer. For instance, the Island is home to a number of animals such as badgers, hares and deer, and birds from herons to pheasants.  Spotting these long-term residences proves to be a exciting experience for everyone, especially our youngest guests! Furthermore, the Island is provides a completely safe environment for children to explore the natural wonders, to play and get some fresh air and exercise; which is an added bonus for parents. Additional, while you explore the Island, why not find the perfect picnic spot. Custom made gourmet picnic baskets can be prepared by our head chef.

The Island’s natural splendour and the history it encapsulates proves to be an integral part of creating unforgettable experiences for our guests. So whether you like to get your walking shoes on and explore the natural surroundings, or enjoy waking up to magnificent scenic views; our natural landscape provides memories which will last a lifetime.

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