Monday, July 15, 2013

Waterford Medieval Museum

‘History is a relentless master. It has no present, only the past rushing to the future.’

John F. Kennedy

For the fourth installment of the ‘101 things to do...’ we are going to step back in time and explore Waterford’s Medieval Museum; which first opened its doors to the public on Friday 24th August 2012.

Situated between Cathedral Square and the Bishop’s Waterford’s Medieval Museum documents pays homage to the life, culture and historical significance of Waterford City’s Medieval heritage. The building and exhibition carefully preserves several medieval structures within its walls. For instance, the magnificent Chorister’s Hall survived the arduous medieval period, now forming a centre-piece of the museum and proves to be a spectacular feature.

Among the most fascinating exhibits on display is the rare 4 meter long Great Charter Roll, dating from 1372. The Great Charter Roll historical significance was further emphasized as it was visited by the Queen of England; Elizabeth II in 2011, and she also viewed other portraits/illustration of King Edward III. The magnificent roll was created as a propaganda exercise by Waterford, most probably as a result of a long running dispute with New Ross over trade issues, in order to confirm charter status with King Edward III of England.  This roll is unique in Ireland and serves as the first depiction of the city. The Roll contains royal charters dating from 1215, important documents, and illustrations documenting the period. Among the Charter Rolls illustrations are depictions of King Edward III, nine medieval governors of Ireland, a medieval judge, and the mayors of the four medieval cities of Ireland.

 Furthermore, the illustration of King Edward III, fully armed and on horseback proves to be a memorable attraction as it encapsulates the conflict and unrest of the period.  The museum also houses the 15th century, cloth-of gold vestments, which are often regarded as Ireland’s finest late-medieval artifacts. The Dalmatic vestment is one of the most historically significant pieces from the set of Waterford vestments on display in the museum.  

The Medieval Museum forms part of the collective, Waterford Museum of Treasures; which celebrate Waterford dynamic and fascinating history.  There are two other museums which document specific eras in Waterford’s history; Reginald’s Tower documents Waterford’s Viking era up to the Norman invasion and Bishop’s Palace explores the Waterford’s history from 1700- 1970.

One of the key features which attract tourists to the Waterford Museum of Treasures is the historical re-enacting experience provided. A team of actors playing different characters will bring to life Waterford’s fascinating history in these engaging and imaginative tours.  So why not come and experience the history and wonder of the medieval city which are encapsulated in these museums.

If you a planning a trip to Waterford Castle Hotel, why not view our ‘101 things to do’, which contains a variety of activities which can be enjoyed during your trip. To view the list, please visit .For further information in relation Waterford’s Medieval Museum, please visit or call +353 51 849501. Additionally, if you are planning to visit Waterford Castle Hotel & Golf Resort or if you have recently stayed with us, why not visit our Tripadvisor page .

The opening hours are as follows:
Easter - May : Daily from 10am – 5pm
June - Mid September : Daily from 10am – 6pm
Mid September - Easter : Wednesday - Sunday from10am – 5pm.

A street map of Waterford City and its tourist attractions can be found at hotel reception.

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